Monday, November 23, 2015

Home Meal Reviews: Week 3 - Freshly


As you may have noticed, these are not meals you prepare yourself! These are basically expensive tv dinners. Unlike previous reviews, this week I am bundling all the meals into a single listing. The main reason for this is that they all 2 minute microwave jobs and basically have all the flavour of a TV dinner.


The first thing you will see about this offering is the AMAZING variety they offer. There are around 24 meals available! This is really pretty impressive... but is let down somewhat by the lack of any rotation that I could identify. I am not sure that I would be ok with having to choose from 24 options (several of which are breakfast items) week in, week out.
Freshly delivers from Arizona, so you are looking at frozen ready meals. This isn't a bad thing but I am not really sure it's what I am looking for. There is literature with a lot of fluff talk of 'health' and 'natural' which isn't too reassuring however if you dig in deeper on the site, the ingredient lists and nutritional information available indicate that they are pretty careful (although the sodium levels are probably higher than you want).


2 minutes in the microwave... boom you're done. All you have to do now is find a way to cut through the super tough plastic.


I really can't fault the quality of the ingredients. The components are clearly good quality, the food is pretty tasty by the standards of microwave meals... just not incredible.


TV Dinners are not known for their fantastic, delicate flavours... and nor are these. To be fair, they are better than many other microwave meals I have tried... but not much better. The meals are however satisfying. I wasn't able to finish a couple of them as I really did feel full.


I think that this may be a good option if you are looking to avoid take out, wanting your food to be quick, free of refined ingredients and calorie controlled then this may well be an option for you. I am not sure they really do the best job pitching it this way (all the materials you are sent are very vague about the ingredients/components) but the site material seems to back it up.

I'll be taking a break in the food reviews next week as it is Thanksgiving in Americaland but I will be back the week after!

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