Monday, December 14, 2015

Home Meal Reviews: Week 5 - PeachDish

PeachDish is up this week, one nice thing is that you can adjust your meal quantities and out of sheer novelty, I dialed things back to two this week:

Meal 1 - Thursday: Chicken & Dumplings

I love dumplings and although these were different to the ones I grew
up with, they were still delicious!

Meal 2 - Wednesday: Hanger steak with kale and apple salad

Not as artfully presented as on the card but still tasty.


Another company that will only deliver Tuesday or later but what I found even more disturbing is that the food is getting shipped from Atlanta, GA... That's a lot of air miles. I have to say the ingredients were all really nicely bagged and presented. There was an extra bag with a couple of cookies and apples... and a freeloading spider in one of the apples which was a little less appreciated than the rest.


Gobble is still the bar here and PeachDish doesn't meet it although it comes closer than anything else. There is more preparation required than there was for the Gobble meals however it felt like there was a lot less than for the other food options. Limited chopping, mostly one pot cooking and an elegant simplicity. On top of that, the recipe actually has things in order! I love this, all the bits of food actually come out at the same time and all hot! Just be careful about the timings, the stated times are not always what are needed. The instructions also expect you to know the terms and methods ahead of time. It won't tell you what parts of a vegetable to discard vs keep or what sealing / searing is. 


Peach Dish have clearly heard of bachelors, they provide all the short shelf life ingredients, milk, butter, everything is included and of very nice quality. It's just a shame that it is getting flown so far.


The menus that I got were simple and delicious, there is 'peach salt' that is a herb/salt mix which is added to a lot to the foods. These are dishes that I would actually try and replicate myself for friends which is a first I think.


The menus are good, although I think the price point is a little high but where this service let's me down is how far it is traveling to get to me. If you live in Atlanta this is a service to try but I can't recommend for folks in the bay area.

Next week, it's completely pointless as a tablecloth but can TableRunner pull it off as a food delivery service?

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