Monday, December 21, 2015

Home Meal Reviews: Week 6 - TableRunner


As you may have noticed, these are not meals you prepare yourself! As with Freshly, these are basically expensive tv dinners. Unlike Freshly however, they are meant to be cooked in the oven, giving some more depth and flavour to the food.


The service delivers on a Monday, always a plus in my mind as this means you aren't having to deal with old food or eating out on a Monday evening. The packaging is nice and secure and comes with a pre-printed return shipping label that you just stick over the old one to get the box sent back. If you have easy access to a UPS facility, this is great but the boxes themselves are too big to fit in the standard drop boxes which is a bit of a pain.


20 minutes in the oven may not be as snappy as Freshly was but it's not a big time sink and it turns up much better results.


The ingredients are fresh, seemingly never frozen and all laid out and ready to cook up. The only slight annoyance is rough handling can leave everything mashed up in one corner of the box (a problem that Freshly also had).


These are not quite up to the levels of the top home preparation meals like Peach Dish and Gobble, these still fall a little short however they are worlds better than the meals offered by Freshly. Four dishes were tried between my girlfriend and myself and everyone was appreciatively polished off. The pork Chimichurri was a particular favourite with me.


I think that this may be a good option if you are looking to avoid take out, wanting your food to be quick, free of refined ingredients and calorie controlled then this may well be an option for you. I am not sure they really do the best job pitching it this way (all the materials you are sent are very vague about the ingredients/components) but the site material seems to back it up.

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