Monday, January 18, 2016

Home Meal Reviews: Week 8 - Munchery


Munchery is a bit of a different proposition from anything else I have looked at so far. It is a same day food delivery service offering both instant ready meals and prepare yourself dinner kits. The options are diverse and change every day which is great. This allows you to choose exactly what you want, for the nights you want. - Lazy? get a ready meal, Adventurous? pick the components for a 3 course dinner!


You can schedule the services for any day and even pick a time window... of course this comes at a cost but it is very convenient - you can have delivery once a week or the days you want - you can even order same day! (before 2pm)


For the ready meals - 10 minutes in the oven may is Freshly speeds but the results are easily as good as Table Runner. Both the Lemon and Herb Chicken and the Chicken Parmigiana were delicious, simple to prepare and packed in bio-degradable containers.

The 'Cooking Kits' are a little more involved although I would say they are a lot closer to Gobble than Blue Apron or HelloFresh. There is no chopping, most of the sauces and even the pasta are pre-prepped so you basically 'heat and assemble' maybe with some flair. I have to say that the Short Rib Ravioli is probably the best meal I have had in this entire adventure. It had such a rich flavour it made me nostalgic for my mother's beef and pearl barley stew.


The ingredients are fresh and seemingly never frozen, there is some great nutritional info on the site and most everything comes in compostable containers which is a nice bonus. The windowed delivery also means there is none of the excessive ice packs that I am already drowning in because it seems so wasteful to toss them!


The ready meals are much the same as TableRunner, tasty but not stellar (limited by the nature of reheating). The Cooking Kits though are another matter. The Short Rib Ravioli was divine (my mouth is literally watering at the memory of them), and the pecan tarts were almost as good.


If money were no object, I think I would be inclined to go with this service. Sadly I am not that well off. The meals are competitively priced but the delivery is extra and it hurts... especially if you are wanting to delivery daily. The extras which are also available (and delicious) are also a little pricy. As it is, I think if I were single and tending not to eat fancy food, this may be a good option for occasional date nights (especially if you can take credit for the food!). Or if you are loaded and want delicious, hassle free food.

This was just amazing.

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