Thursday, February 18, 2016

Home Meal Reviews: Week 10 - Eat Mise


A big range of 'professionally chef' meals delivered, ready to cook, to your door. The service seems very organised and friendly but there is not a huge amount of information or delivery flexibility:


Delivery is on Saturday... no choice and no time. That's better than a Tuesday but it does mean come the tail end of the week - the meals can look a bit sorry.


As with Table Runner and the Munchery ready meals, these are oven jobs with a microwave option. Simple instruction and not much to manage here although the outcome is not quite the same caliber.


The ingredients look to be pretty decent quality but there is very little information on the site to go off of.


Not as good as either TableRunner or Munchery although I have to say, I did really enjoy the Papusas. In retrospect I think I may have a rather high bar for Ramen given I live in the Bay Area but I have seen every attempt from a food service pan out pretty badly.


Mise has a great selection of meals and this seems to be growing and changing regularly however the meal quality seems to be fairly variable (from my limited sample) and overall not the same caliber as some services.

This was the highlight of Mise.

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