Friday, February 26, 2016

Home Meal Reviews: Week 11 - Luke's Local


Luke's Local offer a whole bundle of different things as part of their delivery service however one of the categories is 'Chef Meals' offering a handful of meal options each week. I decided to go with the family package that offers the somewhat standard 3 pairs of meals for a week of eating.


A range of delivery days is pretty nice feature. I am a particular fan as one of the days is Monday! And even better, it arrived at a reasonable time. The food arrives in a non-descript brown box with rather minimal insulation and some modest ice packs that despite their lack of flamboyance, seemed to do the job as well as many of the more excessive options I have seen.


As with Table Runner et al. these are oven or microwave however, unlike those offerings - these don't come out as well. The salmon was slimy, and the black beans in the beef short rib were so dry they crunched...


The food had problems but the provenance of the ingredients was impossible to find and really the nutritional value in general was minimal.




Well it had to happen sometime, a truly disappointing service.

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