Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Home Meal Reviews: Week 12 - SunBasket

It's been a while but after a lot of hassle and rescheduling I have finally gotten the last of the food deliveries. This week, I present... SunBasket:


Meal 1 - Tofu Soba Salad

Surprisingly tasty, the tofu was especially good.

Meal 2 - Grilled Steaks with Broccoli Rabe and Radish Butter

Great steak, although a little underdone when following their instructions (I think because the meat was thick).


This service is simply not convenient. It will take at least two weeks from when you decide you want it to be able to actually get your first delivery, which will arrive on a Wednesday (and I thought Tuesday was bad!). This basically means that whenever I am away for a week... I'd have to cancel this service for two weeks... I mean WTF. You also have to decide your food options super far into the future which drives me nuts. The selections are ok and most options looked pretty appealing although


These meals are the usual, full on chopping affair although it seemed as though they had been designed to at least make sure that only one or two of the ingredients needed this meaning prep time actually took what they anticipated (15-20 min). The recipe cards were strange. They seemed to have a good structure but often put the prep in the middle of cooking. I think this is doable but I ended up making two passes - one for prep and another for cooking just to stay on top of things.


For the most part I was happy with the quality of the ingredients although there was some decay on the mint which was a little disappointing and the meat arrived so frozen that I wasn't able to use it the first night which really annoyed me. The meals were probably a little larger than they needed to be and the noodles was definitely too much.


I was pretty impressed with the meals overall although they seem to always add an embellishment that I find unnecessary (Radish butter and the Salad Dressing for the Soba dish).


If you are ok with having your meals planned a long way in advance & getting the food half way through the week then this is a pretty decent option. The meals are simple and tasty, there is variety every week and the food really is on the table in 45min or less.

Next week: A Rundown of all the services, the winners and losers

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